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Unibrovember: It's growing season!

image November is officially the month for growth, hair growth. Oh, Movember. Traditionally for bros, donning their mos for Prostate cancer awareness/research. Yet this year, sisters can join Movember too: by uniting with their bros and growing unibrows. Ladies, I am inviting you to Unibrovember.

Why grow a unibrow?

Tired of pulling and plucking? I know I am. Ever wonder why those little hairs grow between the eyes...there must be a reason...?! And like all little unploughed seedlings, they deserve a chance to grow. For too long us women have been pressured into polishing our faces and preserving our perfect double brows. Now is the time to try going solo. Forget waking up early to wax; now you can sleep in a condition that brow to the max. By donning the furry onesie, you're making a statement: that a hairy face is an option for brothers and sister.

Won't people think I'm a dirty hippie or butch lesbian or in a Frida Kahlo costume?

Definitely. You will feel so free, duh! (Frida, get it?! haha) Free to challenge social norms, break boundaries, and show that unibrows are for hippies, lesbians, artists, plus business tycoons, accountants, attorneys, and your mom.

How should I take care of my unibrow?

Water. Sunlight. Reading it stories. Watching the Discovery Channel. Daily brushing. My Little Pony brand makes perfectly sized unibrow combs.

How should I respond to the increased attention and question my unibrow will generate?

By growing this brow, you are a real trend-setter and community leader. With this new power and quiet confidence, you are bound to be noticed and admired. Don't get too full of yourself. Yes you will be very attractive to the opposite, and same sex, but just remember to take it slow, and be respectful to those who aren't fortunate enough/brave enough to sport a unibrow.

Some men feel like I am taking Movember away from the Mo Bros. Is this true?

Boys and men started Movember to raise money for Prostate Cancer, and awareness about the disease. Women have always stood by and supported. Now it's time for all staches and brows to work together, not only for prostates, but for a bigger cause: the right for mos and hoes to stand united together in November for whatever (either for Unibrovember or Movember or any other member for that matter).

When should I do away with my unibrow?

In the face of winter, why would you ever want your top-of-nose to be cold again? You wouldn't. Just keep going and happy growing!


Day 5: little growth, a few short hairs around the left brow. Hopefully Vitamin E will help.


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